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Unique food crate

Unique food crate with supply-chain benefits takes root

Produce news Apr 18

Ecopack on Produce news Apr 18

EcoPack production in Costa Rica and California

EcoPack starts production of pineapple crates in Costa Rica and California

EcoPack - new press articles

EcoPack Systens @ Corbana Congress in Miami

Eco Pack Unveils Next Stage of Produce Containers

EcoPack for Corn

EcoPack for Bananas

EcoPack for Pineapples

EcoPack for Fish & Seafood

EcoPack Overall

EcoPack on YouTube

EcoPack in work on YouTube

EcoPack Company Page

EcoPack Company Page Brochure

Volcani Center IL Report

Banana Pack

Banana Pack Brochure

Wet Pack

Wet Pack Brochure

Transport Pack

Transport Pack Brochure

Tomato Pack

Tomato Pack Brochure

Meat & Poultry Pack

Meat & Poultry Pack Brochure

Fresh Cut Pack

Fresh Cut Brochure

Fish & Seafood Pack

Fish & Sea food Brochure


Short Presentation-EN

EcoPack inspection

EcoPack Test

Spanish Presentation

EcoPack Presentation - Spanish

EcoPack Patent

EcoPack - Patented System & Product , registered worldwide

Eco Pack Video 2011

Eco Pack has developed a unique, easy to use, fully customizable packaging system; the Eco Pack patented SystemTM. Designed to revolutionize the way that retailers, distributors, farmers and agricultural exporters package and recycle, the Eco Pack System reduces costs and resources while helping keep the planet green.

A green revolution in packing and recycling

A revolutionary product and system , economical innovative solution in the field of packaging, a solution which is appropriate with the future needs of the world.

Eco Pack Feedback

Feedback on citrus packed & shipped using Eco Pack System

Eco Pack System

The Eco Pack System- economical, multipurpose, recyclable box