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Eco Pack System

The Eco Pack System is made up of an easy to assemble plastic frame & two lightweight plastic sleeves that together create an economical, multipurpose, recyclable box. Product Components Frame Made in standard carton & plastic crate dimensions, the Eco Pack system fits effortlessly onto pallets, containers and trucks, maximizing on space while keeping weight to a minimum. Sleeves Complete with two easy to fit sleeves available in a variety of sizes, Eco Pack system users enjoy a ready to use, new and clean every time, fully recyclable packaging system that is easy to brand. Sleeves are available in a wide variety of designs ranging from printed, to plain, transparent, colored and mesh, etc. Completely versatile, the Eco Pack tray is available in standard sizes; 60x40; 40x30; 55x33, in a variety of heights. In addition, specific custom sizes can be manufactured upon request. THE ECOPACK ADVANTAGE Economical, environmentally friendly, versatile and fully customizable, the Eco Pack system can be used anywhere and everywhere to pack, store and display both fresh and frozen produce, from the field to the store, in just ‘one touch’. Economical - 30%-70% lower in cost than other packaging systems - 50-90% less raw material usage than cartons - Sleeve cost substantially lower than carton box: cost reduction of up to <70% - Replaceable sleeves save money on rinsing of plastic crates Clean & Green - Lower production & recycling energy requirements than other existing solutions - Option for fully organic biodegradable sleeves with FDA approved technology - additional cost: 6%-7% - Reduced deforestation, lower greenhouse emissions, lower carbon footprint - Lower fuel/energy consumption in transportation - Less land field waste Versatile - Suitable for a wide variety of products: fish, bread, diary, meat, fruits and vegetables, and much more - Easy to clean; produce can be washed in the Eco pack tray Customizable - Fully customizable sleeves - Attractive & versatile for product branding